Does Melanotan Give You a Natural-Looking Tan, and If so How Long Does it Last?


If you would love to have a natural tan, but do not want to chance skin cancer by lying out in the sun, your next option is to use a fake tanning product. With many on the market, however, you may not know which one to choose.

Melanotan is one of the most popular fake tanning products, and the easiest and least messy to use. Why not start there as, if you do, you may be surprised to learn you really do not need to use anything else.

What is Melanotan and why choose it? -- Melanotan is a product that includes melanin, the pigment that causes your skin to turn brown when you lie in the sun. This is why it causes a natural-looking tan when used.

People tend to choose Melanotan over other fake tan products as the tan they get is very natural-looking. It is also the least messy of fake tan products, as it is not a cream and does not need to be rubbed into your skin. Instead, it is injected under your skin, and a fake tan develops as the melanin in the product reacts with your skin.

How long does the tan last? -- Another problem with many fake tans is the tan they create does not last for very long. This is another reason why users of melanotan like it so much.

After all, when you can use a fake tanning product that only takes five minutes to use, and can then have a natural-looking tan for a month to six weeks afterwards, why would you move to another product that needs to be reused often?

Melanotan is a fast and easy way to get a natural-looking fake tan. It is also easy to obtain as so many companies on the Internet now sell it.